Vitax Greenhouse Cleaner 750ml



Summer Cloud Greenhouse Cleaner

A fast and easy way to remove algae and mould

Summer Cloud Greenhouse Cleaner is part of the Enthusiast Range and is a fast way to remove lichen, algae and mould from greenhouses, glass and outbuildings.

Covering approximately 6m2, Summer Cloud Greenhouse Cleaner is for outdoor use only.

Summer Cloud Greenhouse Cleaner:

  • Ideal for cleaning greenhouse glass prior to sunshade application
  • Can be used to remove sunshade
  • Primarily used for greenhouses and conservatories.

If using Summer Cloud Greenhouse Cleaner to remove dirt and dust prior to sunshade application, always make sure it is applied to a dry surface.

Spray evenly across the surface and brush away debris before rinsing.  Allow the glass to dry thoroughly before applying sunshade.

At the end of each season, sunshade should be removed in preparation for winter crops.  Once again spray Summer Cloud Greenhouse Cleaner evenly until the area is thoroughly wetted and scrub the glass with a brush or similar equipment before rinsing off the loosened paint to leave a bright, clean surface.

Always wash hands thoroughly after use.

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