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Propogation set / growing kit
Westland Growmore Garden Fertiliser 10kg
Godwins Large Crop Bag
Rentokil Fly Papers
Weedol Rootkill Plus 1L
ProGarden Twine 70m
Vitax 6X Pelleted Chicken Fertiliser
Doff Slug & Snail Killer 800g
Weed Control Fabric Blanket 8 X 1.5M
Gardman No Mess Seed 12.75K
Westland Bone Meal 10kg
Weedol Pathclear Power Sprayer 5L
Kingfisher Dried Mealworms Wild Bird Feed
Kent & Stowe Carbon Steel Hand Trowel
Doff Advanced Control Weedkiller 3 Sachet
Doff Copper Slug Tape 4m
Bean and Pea Ring
Kingfisher 6 Dial Spray Gun
Kingfisher 1/2" Hose Connector
The Big Cheese Anti-Mouse Sonic Repeller

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