Vitax Medo 200g




Ready to use pruning compound and grafting sealant

Medo protects open wounds that have been caused by pruning, accidental damage or grafting from parasites.

Forming an elastic waterproof skin with protectant, it helps to shield the wound to enable Medo’s healing properties to take hold.


  • Ideal for use on fruit and ornamental trees
  • Prevents fungal and bacterial parasites from invading wounds
  • Applied with a brush

When pruning apply Medo to all open wounds caused by sawing or other damage to the bark. Prior to application, remove all loose hanging bark and work Medo into the wound by brushing to apply a 2-3mm layer.

For deep fissured bark repeat the treatment when dry.

Medo can also be used when grafting or budding trees, roses or shrubs. Securely bond the graft or scion to the area, then apply Medo around the graft to form an elastic waterproof seal.

For best results, do not use Medo in temperatures below 00C and only apply to dry surfaces. Always wash brushes immediately after use in warm soapy water.

Medo should be stored in tight container and kept out of reach of children.

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