Weed Control Fabric Blanket 8 X 1.5M



This non-woven Polypropylene weed control fabric will provide long lasting, effective and environmentally friendly weed control.

Used by many landscapers, its unique structure allows air, water and nutrients to pass through the fabric, lets the soil and plant roots breathe while keeping the weeds underground. This helps to promote a soil environment conducive to healthier plant growth, while providing low maintenance weed control against most common garden weeds such as dandelion, forget me not, clover, buttercup.

The fabric is UV protected so it will provide many years of use.

  • Professional quality weed control fabric
  • Lets water and nutrients through to the ground.
  • Reduces light so weeds cannot grow
  • Does not fray
  • Easy to cut and wrap around existing plants
  • Simple to plant through - just cut a cross with a knife or scissors
  • UV protected, so will last for years
  • Cover with bark, mulch, pebbles, slate, gravel etc
  • Dimensions of roll (m): 8 x 1.5

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